Resolving DNS Hostnames on LAN

NEMS Linux uses two main Linux components to resolve *.local hostnames:

  1. avahi-daemon - This allows other computers to see NEMS Linux.local on the LAN
  2. libnss-mdns - This allows NEMS Linux to see other *.local computers on the LAN

In order for NEMS Linux to be able to resolve a DNS hostname rather than IP address, multicast must be enabled on the client system.

  • Microsoft Windows Target - If you already have iTunes installed, you do not need to do anything else (since it's included). Otherwise, you can install Apple's Bonjour service or you can enable Microsoft's own Link-Local Multicast Name Resolution (LLMNR) service.
  • Linux Target - Install avahi-daemon. It will automatically enable itself during installation. It's in your favorite package manager already.
  • macOS Target - No need to install anything; it's already included.

Important Note About Firewall - If the target computer has a firewall enabled, you'll also need to allow UDP traffic through ports 5353 and 53791.

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