NEMS Email Notification Definitions

Configuring notifications in NEMS (or Nagios for that matter) requires a knowledge of what the single-character options mean. Here is an overview:

When you see w,u,c,r,f,n these are the definitions:

  • w Notify if in warning state,
  • u Notify if in unknown state,
  • c Notify if in critical state,
  • r Notify if recovered from a previously bad state,
  • f Notify if the service is flapping (on and off and on and off)
  • n Never notify.

When you see d,u,r,f,s,n these are the definitions:

  • d Notify if host is down,
  • u Notify if host is unreachable (eg. Internet down),
  • r Notify upon recovery,
  • f Notify if the host is flapping,
  • s Notify if a scheduled service downtime begins or ends,
  • n Never notify.
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