NEMS System Settings Tool

NEMS SST is the configuration tool used to setup variables used by Nagios traditionally stored in resource.cfg. An example would be your SMTP settings. This is also where you configure various optional components of NEMS Linux.

NEMS Configurator (NConf)

NEMS NConf is NEMS' browser-based frontend to your Nagios host and service configs. This is where you'll setup all your hosts, services and check commands.


Nagios Core

A themed version of Nagios Core - the heart of your NEMS Linux server.


A graphical representation of your current check statuses.


A very lovely visual interface for your Nagios check statuses.

NEMS Mobile UI

A mobile front-end for NEMS Linux for easy status updates via smartphone or tablet.

NEMS TV Dashboard

A tactical overview designed for server room TV display.


This is where you can view information about your NEMS server itself (not the hosts it checks).


Monitorix provides easy-to-read graphs of your NEMS Linux server's system resources.


See advanced stats on Raspberry Pi systems.


System interface.

monit Service Monitor

Your NEMS server keeps an eye on some of the crucial services it expects to be running. If they crash, monit will restart them. Using the web interface, you can monitor, restart or stop these services.


The NEMS Migrator tool for easy backups of your NEMS server.


Download your current NEMS Migrator backup.


Restore a NEMS Migrator backup to your NEMS server.

Off Site Backup

Optional fee-based system which allows you to securely backup and restore your NEMS Linux configuration over the Internet.

Buy a Pi

Support the NEMS Linux project by buying your hardware through this link.

Support Us

Another way to support NEMS Linux is to become a patron on Patreon or shop online using our partner links. Those are listed here.

Get Help

Various links to help resources such as the online documentation and community forum.

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