The first time you connect to your NEMS server you will use the nemsadmin account (see below).

After you have successfully initialized NEMS, you will instead use the account you create during that process.

Linux or macOS

  • Open a terminal window.
  • Type:
    ssh nemsadmin@nems.local

Microsoft Windows

  • Download and install PuTTY.
  • Set the server name to nems.local and connect.
  • Sign in using the nemsadmin account as per below.

NEMS Administrator User

Default Username and Password

The default username for initial setup is nemsadmin. This is used to sign-in to your NEMS server (over SSH or keyboard connected to your NEMS server) only until you run nems-init.

Username: nemsadmin

Password: nemsadmin

Once your nems-init process is complete, you will need to instead sign-in as your newly created account (which you specify during nems-init).

When you initialize NEMS, you will provide a password for the NEMS web interfaces. This username/password will be what you use to access NEMS features (eg., nCONF, Nagios Core, NagVis, Check_MK, Samba, Webmin, SSH, etc.).

Changing Your Password

Do not use the traditional passwd command to change your NEMS administrator's password. Doing so will leave your system in a broken state (which can be fixed by running the correct command). Instead, use sudo nems-passwd

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