The NEMS Linux Amazon Machine Image is available in the Amazon EC2 Community AMIs marketplace. Simply search for NEMS Linux when launching your instance.

Important Note

Your being here means you are an early adopter of NEMS Linux on Amazon Web Services. During this early testing phase, it is available through the community marketplace. However, once NEMS has been tried-and-true, it will be moving into the Amazon Marketplace. This means it will inevitably fall under Amazon's fee structure. For now, it's as free as Amazon allows me to make it.


The NEMS Linux AMI is found under Community AMIs on us-east-1 (N. Virginia). If you wish to deploy on a different AWS Service Endpoint and are a current Patron supporting the project on Patreon, please let me know and I will copy the AMI to your preferred region. Since this costs me extra money to do, I only do it by request, and only for those who contribute to the project.

  • NEMS 1.5 AMI Build 1 - ami-03480e018178d1c75


NEMS Linux AMI leverages Amazon's T2 instance types, dramatically reducing the cost of running a NEMS Server in the Cloud by bursting to full core performance only when required. T2 instances are also available to use in the AWS Free Tier, which includes 750 hours of t2.micro instances each month for one year for new AWS customers.

The NEMS Linux AMI is an amd64 build.

AWS Requirements

The NEMS Linux AMI requires the following:

  • If monitoring 1-20 hosts: t2.micro or higher EC2 instance
  • If monitoring more than 20 hosts: t2.medium or higher EC2 instance
  • an elastic IP address
  • volume is 16GB by default and may need to be increased in time

Deployment Notes

  • Important: Before booting, you must configure an elastic IP address for your NEMS Linux instance. Failure to do this will break several features, including NEMS Cloud Services, NEMS CheckIn, and your daily backup.
  • To access NEMS Linux remotely, you will need to configure your Security Group for the NEMS Linux instance to allow incoming connections on the NEMS Linux ports (See Networking for more info). It is recommended to make these accessible only from your trusted IP addresses.
  • NEMS Linux allows you to use either username/password combinations or username/key pair combinations to login via SSH. As this could pose a security issue, please ensure only your own IP address has access to NEMS Linux ports (in your EC2 Security Group configuration for the instance).
    • Default username: nemsadmin
    • Default password: nemsadmin

Known Issues

  • If you run a nems-init on a NEMS Server that has already been initialized, your public key will need to be manually imported. This will be improved in future, but wasn't a high priority as it should not affect many people (if anyone).
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