The stylish aluminum alloy body, the combination of both passive and active cooling, and a power button that safely controls the power state of your NEMS Server are just a few of the points that make the Argon ONE case a beautiful choice for your Raspberry Pi 4-based NEMS Server.

The Argon ONE active cooling fan is controlled via I2C, and the fan speed varies based on how hot the Raspberry Pi SOC is. The power button on the Argon ONE triggers a safe software shutdown on the Raspberry Pi, as if you had typed shutdown now -h


  • Raspberry Pi 4 (Any Model)
  • NEMS Linux 1.6+

Where To Buy

Please use one of the links in the Category5 TV Shop to support NEMS Linux.

Power Button

NEMS Server State Action Function
Powered Off Short Press Power On
Powered On Hold 3 Seconds Safe Shutdown
Powered On Hold 5 Seconds Hard (Unsafe) Shutdown
Powered On Double Tap Hard (Unsafe) Reboot
Powered On Short Press Nothing Yet

Fan Controller


  • CPU temperature below 50°C, fan will be disabled.
  • CPU temperature between 50-55°C, fan will run at 5% speed.
  • CPU temperature between 55-60°C, fan will run at 10% speed.
  • CPU temperature between 60-65°C, fan will run at 30% speed.
  • CPU temperature between 65-70°C, fan will run at 55% speed.
  • CPU temperature between 70-75°C, fan will run at 75% speed.
  • CPU temperature between 75-80°C, fan will run at 85% speed.
  • CPU temperature between 80-85°C, fan will run at 90% speed.
  • CPU temperature above 85°C, fan will run at 100% speed.

You may adjust the fan speed settings in NEMS SST.

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