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-NEMS TV Dashboard+=====NEMS TV Dashboard=====
-New in NEMS 1.4.1+===Introduction=== 
 +NEMS TV Dashboard provides a tactical overview designed specifically for TV display. Ideal for use on a status monitor ​in your server room, NEMS TV Dashboard will report all unacknowledged host and service alerts as they occur. 
 +To use NEMS TV Dashboard, simply connect a computer (eg., Raspberry Pi Zero) to your TV display and open the URL https://​nems.local/​tv in the browser. 
 +====Fullscreen Mode==== 
 +Ideally, make NEMS TV Dashboard fullscreen by pressing F11Press it again to restore the window. 
 {{:​features:​tv_dashboard_1.4.1.png?​direct&​400|}} {{:​features:​tv_dashboard_1.4.1.png?​direct&​400|}}
 +For convenience and usability, NEMS TV Dashboard does not prompt for your NEMS username and password by default. If you prefer to keep the Dashboard private, please open [[config:​nems_sst|NEMS SST]] and turn off "Allow TV Dashboard Without Password"​ - but make sure you have a keyboard connected to your TVs (or something like VNC access).
 +===Under The Hood===
 +NEMS TV Dashboard uses the Check_MK Livestatus socket in the back-end, making it fast, efficient, and lightweight.
 +  * NEMS Linux 1.4.1+
 +  * A display of some sort, connected to a computer/​SBC with Web Browser and network connection with access to NEMS server.
 +  * NEMS TV Dashboard requires a modern web browser to operate. If you experience issues, please test in a different browser.
 +  * NEMS Linux 1.6+ to include Internet speedtest at all times.
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