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The default username for initial setup is nemsadmin. This is used to sign-in to your NEMS server (over SSH or keyboard connected to your NEMS server) only until you run nems-init.

Username: nemsadmin

Password: nemsadmin

Once your nems-init process is complete, you will need to instead sign-in as your newly created account (which you specify during nems-init).

When you initialize NEMS, you will provide a password for the NEMS web interfaces. This username/password will be what you use to access NEMS features (eg., nCONF, Nagios Core, NagVis, Check_MK, Samba, Webmin, SSH, etc.).

Linux user note: Do not use the traditional passwd command to change your NEMS administrator's password. Doing so will leave your system in a broken state. Instead, use sudo nems-passwd

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