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-=====nemsadmin ​User=====+=====NEMS Administrator ​User=====
-As of NEMS 1.3 the default username is //​nemsadmin//​. This is used for your initial ​sign-in to your NEMS server (over SSH or keyboard connected to your NEMS server), but is forcibly changed upon [[commands:​nems-init|nems-init]].+====Default Username and Password==== 
 +The default username ​for initial setup is //​nemsadmin//​. This is used to sign-in to your NEMS server (over SSH or keyboard connected to your NEMS server) ​only until you run [[commands:​nems-init|nems-init]].
 **Username:​** //​nemsadmin//​ **Username:​** //​nemsadmin//​
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 **Password:​** //​nemsadmin//​ **Password:​** //​nemsadmin//​
-<WRAP center round important 60%> +Once your //​nems-init//​ process is complete, you will need to instead ​sign-in as your newly created account (which you specify during //​nems-init//​).
-If you are on a legacy version of NEMS, you will instead ​use the following credentials:​+
-**Username:​** pi+When you initialize NEMS, you will provide a password for the NEMS web interfaces. This username/​password will be what you use to access NEMS features (eg., nCONF, Nagios Core, NagVis, Check_MK, Samba, Webmin, SSH, etc.).
-**Password:** raspberry +====Changing Your Password====
 +**Do not** use the traditional ''​passwd''​ command to change your NEMS administrator'​s password. Doing so will leave your system in a broken state (which can be fixed by running the correct command). Instead, use ''​sudo nems-passwd''​
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