NEMS SST requires NEMS Linux 1.3+

Gone are the days of manually editing your Nagios resource.cfg file.

NEMS SST provides a web-based GUI to allow easy configuration of system settings such as SMTP server settings.

To access NEMS SST, click Configuration→NEMS System Settings Tool.

To login, use your NEMS username and password as configured during nems-init.

Beginning in NEMS Linux 1.5, NEMS SST features the ability to change the background on some NEMS screens.

Background Selection allows you to select from the following:

  • Daily Image (default) - Load a new image every day.
  • Daily Color - Load a new background base color every day, based on the color pallet of the daily image.
  • NEMS Legacy - Classic server room image from NEMS Linux 1.4.
  • Custom Color - Choose your own base color to use for the background.
  • Upload Image - Upload your own preferred wallpaper image.

Blur Background Selection allows you to add a blur effect to background images:

  • Slight Blur will add a subtle Gaussian blur to the background image.
  • Medium Blur will add a more pronounced blur to the background image.
  • Heavy Blur will blur the background image so heavily that only the color scheme of the image is recognizable.
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